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The theme Let’s Talk Society encourages conference participants to explore the various ways in which our communication discipline provides a lens for interpreting the values of societies in transition.

Communication is developed in our relation to others and in relation to what happens in the social context. It is therefore not neutral but mediates people’s relationships and practices. Technological transitions, economical changes, medical advancements, environmental turbulence, political movements and other evolving circumstances influence public values that shape societies. It is important to analyze the situated meaning of these societal themes in everyday life, and the influence of public relations and strategic communication in this regard.

Let’s Talk Society recognizes that transitions in society influence our expectations, redefine roles, transform patterns of media use and human interaction, e.g. communication. As many public debates in society make clear, the question of how to articulate these values and frameworks and feed them into the public discourse have become urgent matters.

With broad definition, the conference theme Let’s Talk Societyaims to encourage EUPRERA’s unique interdisciplinary perspective to investigate issues that are meaningful within and across societies, organizations and interest groups.

Horizon 2020, the EU Framework for innovation, sets the stage for this congress. Our intention is to have contributions covering the full scope of this EU theme from an innovation perspective, but oriented at the role of public relations communication. Contributions are invited not only expressing the status quo but specifically focused (future) development and opportunity: how does PR/ communication fit into Horizon 2020?