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New-look communications measurement benchmark launched - International industry collaboration results in Barcelona Principles 2.0

London, 3 September, 2015 – A new look to the first international framework for measuring communications performance was unveiled today, reflecting the huge changes in the media landscape which have taken place.

Barcelona Principles 2.0 was launched by the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) in London.

The new framework was developed by AMEC in conjunction with the original partners involved in the original Barcelona Principles of 2010 - ICCOInstitute for Public RelationsPRCAPRSA and the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management.

This marks the first update to The Barcelona Principles in the five years since they were launched at the AMEC International Summit in Barcelona in 2010 as the first global standard of effective public relations measurement. The new changes come only two months after delegates at AMEC’s International Summit in Stockholm called for the Barcelona Principles to be reviewed.

David Rockland, Ketchum Partner and Immediate Past Chairman of AMEC, who led the original discussion which evolved the Barcelona Principles in Spain in 2010, and who chaired the international working group during the summer to develop an updated framework.


AMEC also included: corporate clients (including the Cleveland Clinic and Philips),

Paul Njoku, Evaluation Lead, Government Communication Service, UK Government;

and leading academic, Professor Jim Macnamara, University of Technology, Sydney, in the working group review.


David Rockland said: “In 2010, the development of the Barcelona Principles was a powerful moment in time in the development of public relations.

“The original set of Principles was never intended to be a final or complete solution, but simply a place for us to start. What AMEC and our partners have now done is refresh the Barcelona Principles to reflect the significant changes we have seen in the media landscape and the emergence of integrated communications.”

Rockland believes that if the original set of Principles focused more on “what not to do,” the updated Barcelona Principles of 2015 now provide more guidance on “what to do.”

Key points of the revised Barcelona Principles are:

  • Widening the scope beyond PR measurement, changing the language to make it clear that the Barcelona Principles are relevant and applicable to organizations, governments, companies and brands globally.
  • Reinforcing the importance of integration, recognizing the importance of integrated communications and that measurement must be integrated across geographies, methods (quantitative and qualitative), and channels (including paid, earned, owned and shared media).
  • Making a distinction between measurement and evaluation, separating the role of measurement from the role of evaluation as the actual process of using data to make a judgement on value and effectiveness.
  • Including a new focus on qualitative, recognizing the important part that qualitative information plays in measurement and evaluation, adding color and context that helps professionals understand “the why” behind the quantitative outcomes.
  • Reminding professionals of the need for all measurement and evaluation to be transparent, consistent and valid, giving more advice on approaches and accepted methodologies.

Barry Leggetter, CEO of AMEC, said: “The launch of Barcelona Principles 2.0 represents the first stage in a global education programme."


“AMEC is calling on all PR firms, PR associations, AMEC members and academics to get back this cross industry initiative and endorse the new Principles."


“We have a new opportunity to make Barcelona Principles 2.0 internationally known – and used.”


About AMEC                                                              

AMEC is the world’s largest trade body representing communications research, measurement and insights. AMEC has over 140 members in 40 countries, including media intelligence companies, global PR Groups, Government departments and Non-Profit organisations.


For further information contact:

Barry Leggetter


+44 7748 677504 or +44 1268 412414.


The Global Alliance cooperates with the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) towards the integration of financial and social reporting. The IIRC is a global coalition of regulators, investors, companies, standard-setters, the accounting profession and NGOs. Integrated Reporting presents an organization’s strategy, governance, performance and prospects within its full commercial, social and environmental context, to give shareholders and stakeholders a truer picture of how the organization creates value over time. The Global Alliance is represented at the IIRC by Former Chair Daniel Tisch and the CEO of the UK Chartered Institute of Public Relations, Alastair McCapra.


Dan Tisch, Immediate Past Chair, Global Alliance for PR and Communication Management looks at how Integrated Reporting helps a business communicate effectively.


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