Research at WPRF

2014 Research Colloquium

The 2014 Research Colloquium took place in Madrid on September 21, 2014, a day in advance of the 8th World Public Relations Forum and it saw the participation of 240 attendees. Researchers, educators, students and academic thought-leaders from around the world gathered to participate to a full day of discussions and presentations on the main theme "Communication with conscience".

This Research Colloquium aims to focus on today's communicators’ need to be aware that communication is changing the nature of society and of how people view and practice communication. This requires communication with consciousness: full awareness and responsibility in decision-making, communication and action by organizations.

2012 Research Colloquium Proceedings

On Sunday, November 18 2012, a day in advance of the 7th World Public Relations Forum, 120 people participated to a successful Research Colloquium chaired by Dr Marianne Sison, where thought leaders, practitioners and scholars in public relations and communication management discussed, debated and examined contemporary and future issues of the theme of the Forum, "Communication without Borders".

All the papers of the Colloquium are now available online. Click here to download them.