Toronto 2016

The Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management held its 14th Annual General Meeting in Toronto on Saturday 28 May 2016, the day prior to the World Public Relations Forum. Over 30 public relations professionals and academics participated in the event.

During the meeting, Global Alliance Chair Gregor Halff presented the 2015 Annual Report, providing an overview of the key activities and initiatives conducted by the Global Alliance in 2015/2016.

Furthermore, he thanked the outgoing board members for their dedication to the Global Alliance and said he was looking forward to continuing the joint work with the new board members of searching for global standards while celebrating diversity.

The new board members, taking office July 1st 2016, are leading practitioners, academics and industry association leaders, and will join the board with representation from every continent.

All positions are effective from July 1, 2016:

Position, Name, Term, Member Affiliation

Delegate at Large, Fiona Cassidy, To June 30, 2018 PRINZ (New Zealand)

Delegate at Large, Tato Carbonaro, To June 30, 2018 ABERJE (Brazil)

Delegate at Large, Paula Mendez, To June 30, 2018* APCE (Portugal)

Delegate at Large, Tina McCorkindale, To June 30, 2017 ** (Academic & Research) IPR (USA)

Regional Delegate at Large, Francisco Alwyn, To June 30, 2017 (Latin America) FOCCO (Chile)

Regional Delegate at Large, Prita Kemal Gani, To June 30, 2017 (Asia) PERHUMAS (Indonesia)

Regional Delegate at Large, Kentice Tikolo, To June 30, 2017*** (Africa) PRSK (Kenya)


Continuing members of the Board (for information only)

Position, Name, Term, Member Affiliation

Chair, Gregor Halff, To June 30, 2017, IPRS (Singapore)

Chair-Elect, Jose Manuel Velasco, To June 30, 2017 DIRCOM (Spain)

Immediate Past Chair, Anne Gregory, To June 30, 2017 CIPR (UK)

Secretary, Therese Manus, To June 30, 2017 NCA (Norway)

Treasurer, Joe Truncale, To June 30, 2017 PRSA (USA)

Delegate at Large, Cecilia Schon-Jansson, To June 30, 2017 SACP (Sweden)

Delegate at Large, Mark Schumann, To June 30, 2017 (Int’l & Specialty) IABC (USA)


*Assuming position vacated by K. Tikolo

**Assuming position vacated by J. Swerling

***Moved from Delegate at Large position