Teaming up against exasperation

Do you get exasperated by our industry for days on end, too? At times I wonder why we seem perfectly content with raising the alarm on key questions (leadership!? big data!? digitalization?! diversity!?) while remaining blasé about the lack of progress we’re making in answering them.

Not so this year, though. In the past months we’ve made real progress in raising our professional standards. Moreover, we’re getting there in the best of ways: through collaboration across borders, organizations, and functions. The GA was a collaborator in two key pieces of progress:

  • The Commission on Public Relations Education held its Industry-Educator Summit with over 50 professionals and educators. You can find the report here. Together we will create the third generation of The Professional Bond – a guide to the design of undergraduate public relations curriculum. We need to hear from you across the world to make this guide truly global. Have your say by completing the line ‘We need someone with an undergraduate public relations degree who can….’ by clicking here. [Tweet this]
  • AMEC, the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication unveiled the Barcelona Principles 2.0. They reflect changes in the media landscape since 2010 and put measurement firmly at the centre of public relations and communication.

The GA strives to make these collaborations truly global. Therefore next on the calendar is the World Conference on Public Relations in Emerging Economies. Join us as a speaker or a delegate and let’s debate issues affecting our industry and communities around the world.  We can only combat exasperation if we keep answering key questions together. 

Gregor Halff, Global Alliance Chair