APRC2017: Reflections and the Road to Bali

Prita Kemal Gani, MBA, MCIPR, APR
APRN President
GA board member
Founder & Director of LSPR

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is excited to host the ASEAN PR Regional Conference 2017 from September 20-23, 2017 at The Trans Resort in Bali, Indonesia.

As ASEAN commemorates its 50th anniversary, this dynamic 10-nation regional group faces new challenges and opportunities presented by the rise of communications technology; changing social, environmental and political landscapes; and the internal dynamics and commercial potential presented by the ASEAN Economic Community. An ASEAN ‘diaspora’ also creates challenges and opportunities as professionals who have worked abroad return to their home countries, seeking the economic benefits presented by a growing region.

The first ASEAN Public Relations Regional Conference (APRC), “Communicating ASEAN’s Global Competitiveness” will feature pre-conference events designed to provide important opportunities for networking and professional development. Events on September 20 include an Association Workshop, presented by the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management, and a Gala Dinner Awards Night. These events will provide opportunities for attendees to mix, meet and connect with professionals from public relations and related industries.

“As the First Regional PR Conference in ASEAN with global exposure, we are thrilled to host this event,” said Mr. Ermiel Thabrani APRC 2017, Conference Director. “We will have a mix of attendees from corporate and public sectors, including communication experts, champions, and Millennials who are the backbone of ASEAN existence. Plus, Bali is a spectacular destination for a conference.”  

The ASEAN Public Relations Conference invites experts and scholars to discuss relevant issues to the ASEAN region in the fields of public relations and communications along the following key themes and topics:
·        ASEAN’s identity in the global community
·        Refining and communicating the ASEAN brand
·        Cross-cultural communication, particularly among Millennials
·        Integration versus harmonization
·        Lessons learned from European unity
·        Challenges presented by the rise of mobile communications and social media
·        Role of PR in promoting harmony and preventing conflict

Innovation is the key in this constantly changing world, especially in public relations. PR professionals must serve on the front lines and be open to changes as well as embrace new opportunities that lead to new developments.

Below are some key areas of discussion:

ASEAN and the People Insights
·        Reshaping Perceptions of ASEAN’s Image to Promote Friendship and Preserve ASEAN

Culture in a Global Community
·        PR Competencies and Abilities in ASEAN
·        Globally & Cascading an ASEAN identity into the Global Community

ASEAN and the PR Industry
·        Understanding, Refining and Managing ASEAN Brand in a Global Paradigm Challenges to

Investor Relations in a Rising ASEAN Region
·        ASEAN PR Education: Towards Global Integration

ASEAN and the Global Community
·        Build a Strong Reputation in a Competitive World
·        Expanding the ASEAN Brand in the International Arena

ASEAN would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all our sponsors, media partners and association partners for supporting and promote APRC 2017.

For more information contact our Secretariat Office at +628159373383 or +622157943802 or visit our website at www.aseanprconference.com